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Carnage is a villain from spiderman but has been talked about much or seen very often in the comics or movies.

What is carnage ?

When venom was trying to break out Eddy Brock from prison, it left behind carnage which was made when the venom bonded with eddy Brock’s cell mate and created carnage.

Carnage is one of the most powerful super villains of all times because it has bonded with Cletus Kasady which was all ready dangerous enough. The of spring bounded with Cletus Kasady blood cells so that meant that He could not be killed, Only way to truly destroy him is to shoot him in to the sun and melt down all his body and blood cells.

Why is carnage so strong ?
Carnage is strong because before it bonded with Cletus Kasady it was first with spiderman The venom took over spider man so that meant that it had spider mans’s powers, So if it was to go to another host the powers of spider man would travel with it and create new powers as well. So after bonding with Eddy Brock was it was strong enough with spider mans powers plus venom powers. So after it bonded with Cletus Kasady it had 3 powers spider mans Venom
and Cletus Kasady anger and strength which made him even more powerful.

In some part of the marvel comics Spiderman and Venom had to team up to take down carnage and remove it from Cletus Kasady’s body, but they couldn’t get rid of 100 percent of the carnage removed from Cletus Kasady body because it was in his blood stream and carnage was very strong and would not let go of the host.

Carnage liked to kill people for fun where as Venom killed to gain spidermans attention and to get spider man to come to venom so that they could fight one another. Carnage has both venom and spidermans powers so this means that carnage can not be detected by spidermans spider senescence or Venom’s.

At 1 point in the marvel comics Carnage tried to take mind control over the silver surfer from fantastic 4. So this means that carnage could also have mind control over people and get them to do stuff that he wanted them to do so this also made carnage a very strong super villain in the marvel world.

Dead pool vs carnage

Later on in the marvel comics dead pool was fighting carnage which dead pool believed that it was his destiny to hunt carnage, So when they fought dead pool tricked carnage and that got carnage to go back to human form,  which then police could arrest him and send him back to prison where then carnage, was thinking about how dead pool tricked him and how he would get revenge on him.











upcoming Avengers movies

Upcoming Avengers movies

After the last avengers avengers 2 age of Ultron we saw that there would be more avenger movies coming out, The installment for the avengers movies are going to be released in in two parts 1 being avengers infinity war part 1 and the 2nd one being avengers infinity war part 2. Some idea to what the movies is going to be about is by the title of the movie its going to be about the avengers fighting over the infinity gotlet from Thanos who is the owner of the gotlet and he is looking to regain all of the gems so he can become the ruler of the world with his powers from the Infinity gotlet stones.

This two part series will be released on 2018 part 1, part 2 2019 may the 3rd and may the 4th, and we will be seeing new super hero’s from the comic books never seen before in marvel movies, They are only starting to make movies about the new hero’s joining the avengers. Sadly some of the old ones won’t be in it because it avengers 2 some of the hero’s quit or ran away like hulk and others.

There is a rumor that spider man might be joining the avengers team in part 1 or part 2 infinity war we are not sure yet to if he will be in or not but we are for sure that they are making new spider man movie called spider rebooted which will be about spider man all over again but with a slight new story to it. Also spider man might be in the new upcoming marvel movie captain america civil war. Where many new hero’s might be seen in this movie.

Upcoming dc /marvel movies 2016

List of upcoming 2016 marvel/ DC movies short list

  1. Bat man V.S Super man :  release date March 23, 2016 (Sweden) this movie will be one of the most hyped movies for this year we all can’t wait for it to hit the big screens soon
  2. captain america civil war:  release date  May 5, 2016 (Portugal). This movie will be about Captain America V.S Iron man and how they are battling for rights over some war thing I don’t know what yet because i don’t know much about the story line but we will soon find out.
  3. suicide squad: release date August 5, 2016 (USA) The movie  plot like will be about the villains from bat man and some other movies, and the CIA has planted bombs in there head to get them to work for them other, and if they don’t they will die. 
  4. dead pool release date: February 12, 2016 –  this movie is about a man that is slowly dying of cancer, then gets turned in to a killing machine like wolverine, and also has the same type of healing powers and super inhuman speed.
  5. November 4, 2016 – Doctor Strange:  I am not sure about this movie story line yet but i know that the main actor will be  Benedict Cumberbatch playing doctor strage.

All these movies are going to be really hyped movies and I can’t wait for them to come out and hit the big screen next year. This was just a small sneak peak of what is coming out ill make a new post with more detailed versions when i get more information.