Upcoming dc /marvel movies 2016

List of upcoming 2016 marvel/ DC movies short list

  1. Bat man V.S Super man :  release date March 23, 2016 (Sweden) this movie will be one of the most hyped movies for this year we all can’t wait for it to hit the big screens soon
  2. captain america civil war:  release date  May 5, 2016 (Portugal). This movie will be about Captain America V.S Iron man and how they are battling for rights over some war thing I don’t know what yet because i don’t know much about the story line but we will soon find out.
  3. suicide squad: release date August 5, 2016 (USA) The movie  plot like will be about the villains from bat man and some other movies, and the CIA has planted bombs in there head to get them to work for them other, and if they don’t they will die. 
  4. dead pool release date: February 12, 2016 –  this movie is about a man that is slowly dying of cancer, then gets turned in to a killing machine like wolverine, and also has the same type of healing powers and super inhuman speed.
  5. November 4, 2016 – Doctor Strange:  I am not sure about this movie story line yet but i know that the main actor will be  Benedict Cumberbatch playing doctor strage.

All these movies are going to be really hyped movies and I can’t wait for them to come out and hit the big screen next year. This was just a small sneak peak of what is coming out ill make a new post with more detailed versions when i get more information.

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