upcoming Avengers movies

Upcoming Avengers movies

After the last avengers avengers 2 age of Ultron we saw that there would be more avenger movies coming out, The installment for the avengers movies are going to be released in in two parts 1 being avengers infinity war part 1 and the 2nd one being avengers infinity war part 2. Some idea to what the movies is going to be about is by the title of the movie its going to be about the avengers fighting over the infinity gotlet from Thanos who is the owner of the gotlet and he is looking to regain all of the gems so he can become the ruler of the world with his powers from the Infinity gotlet stones.

This two part series will be released on 2018 part 1, part 2 2019 may the 3rd and may the 4th, and we will be seeing new super hero’s from the comic books never seen before in marvel movies, They are only starting to make movies about the new hero’s joining the avengers. Sadly some of the old ones won’t be in it because it avengers 2 some of the hero’s quit or ran away like hulk and others.

There is a rumor that spider man might be joining the avengers team in part 1 or part 2 infinity war we are not sure yet to if he will be in or not but we are for sure that they are making new spider man movie called spider rebooted which will be about spider man all over again but with a slight new story to it. Also spider man might be in the new upcoming marvel movie captain america civil war. Where many new hero’s might be seen in this movie.

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